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Injury prevention contains many aspects, such as optimising load and recovery, nutrition, strength and conditioning, and many other aspects. In this project we focus on movement optimisation in complex situations. It is important to take these ‘open’, unpredictable situations into account when learning adaptive motor skills. Because in these complex situations it is where often the acute injuries occur. Information from the environment (where is my opponent, where does the other child go to and at which speed) needs to be processed quickly and appropriately for optimal decision making and neuromuscular control. Learning is a problem-solving process, and the child’s involvement during practice to search for his or her own (movement) solutions enhances learning. As every body and brain is different, there is not one supposedly ‘correct’ movement form. With our used motor learning methods we aim to induce high practice variability to stimulate greater self-organization and adaptability. To stimulate the children to find their own optimal movement while landing from a jump, changing direction or balancing, we provide you with some examples of instructions or feedback you can use.